Borobudur Temple Indonesia is Heritage of the World. The Sailendra dynasty built the largest Buddhist relic in the world between 780-840 AD. The Sailendra dynasty was the ruling dynasty of the time. This relic is built as a place of worship of Buddha and place of pilgrimage. This place contains guidance for people to abstain from the lust of the world and to enlightenment and wisdom according to the Buddha. This legacy was discovered by British troops in 1814 under the leadership of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. The temple area was completely cleaned in 1835. Borobudur temple is built in a Mandala style that reflects the universe in Buddhist belief. The structure of this building is boxed with four entrances and a circular center point. When viewed from the outside to the inside is divided into two parts of the world of nature is divided into three zones on the outside, and the nature of Nirvana in the central part. Borobudur on sunrise, gives visitors a different experience. Started at 04.30 AM morning, started from Lobby Manohara Hotel by walking towards Borobudur temple using flashlight as street lighting. Then proceed to climb level by level Borobudur temple to level 9 to enjoy the sunrise. At 5:30 AM is the expected golden time, the sun gradually shows itself on the eastern horizon and presents unforgettable scenery around it. Sunrise emerges from Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, and the expanse of rice that is still shrouded in the fog with the sound of birds singing as backsound, like Nirvana. The blend of Buddhist temple and hundreds of stupas adorn the view of Sunrise at the largest temple in the world. Borobudur sunset is the golden time atmosphere at the evening exchange at Borobudur Temple is sure to bring forth great memories. Visitors will be given more time to stay at Borobudur Temple (after routine operational hours) until the maximum at 18.30 PM.

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